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In 2003 when the idea of an electronic cigarette came about, the creators only had two ways of getting the ejuice to vaporize, one of which was to drip the ejuice directly in the atomizer and the other of which was to drip the juice in a tank that was filled with absorbent materials.

Flash forward to 2014. We now have different and more advanced ways of e-vaping. This allows you as a consumer to have a variety of different ways to vape!

Vaporizing does not operate like the old age cigarettes. They are safer and do not leave the hazardous chemicals lingering. Vaping, unlike cigarettes, releases a pleasant aroma and it vanishes within seconds. As a courtesy, we ask you to ask kindly before dispensing this delicious fragrance into the air.

Trinity’s vapors contain U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade Vegetable Oil (VG) as well as U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade Propylene Glycol (PG). Based on our customers’ needs, we can also add USP Grade Nicotine to match the levels you receive by how much you smoke. All our nicotine is made in America and meets EU 6.0 standards. Our nicotine is 99.86% pure and all flavorings are also food grade, which does not contain any artificial colorings.

E-juice is the liquid that creates the vapor that you inhale. You can customize these vapors to create your favorite flavor. Trinity Vapor Lounge standard blend is 60 %VG and 40% PG. Once we start to whip up your special serum, just let us know how much nicotine you would like and your wish is our command.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a clear and syrupy liquid that is made by the reaction of propylene oxide with water. PG reputation has unsurpassed its safety rating. PG is SAFE to use in a wide variety of our consumer products and has antibacterial properties. PG is in many of the foods that we eat. Have you had a cake that remains moist? PG allows those foods to stay moist and the FDA has deemed it safe for human consumption. PG is in the beer we drink to cookies, cakes and candies. This is a water retaining substance. This safe substance has been in the American home since the 1950s. PG is in inhalers and nebulizers.

PG in our e-cigarettes allows for atomization to happen to the tobacco and it also helps the nicotine we know and love to be delivered to your mouthpiece.

VG aka Vegetable Glycerin is a very natural substance that take natural carbohydrates out of plants and these carbohydrates are also used in many house hold products such as makeup and foods. This substance is nontoxic and is also deemed safe by the FDA for consumption.

When these two are married it allows for more of a base. These combined generally creates more of a vapor and gives less of a bite when inhaled. In combining these we are creating the best vape you can get!

Trinity Vapor Lounge e-juices should be kept out of reach of children and pets at all times. Trinity Vapor Lounge e-juices may contain nicotine, which can be poisonous or lethal if ingested or inhaled in large amounts. Please also be aware that small amounts can also be poisonous to animals as well as children. Please keep these products in a safe place.

If a child or pet consumes e-juices, please call your local poison control center or seek immediate medical attention. Trinity Vapor Lounge appreciates your business and your responsibility in this matter.

We appreciate you!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.