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Hello, and thank you for visiting Trinity. I have attempted to depict our Mom and Pop shop as accurately possible on a web page. The products listed on the page are only a sample of what we have in the store not to mention our amazing e-juices.

I have been asked by many different customers about the name Trinity as well as the meaning of the Triquetra. The Trinity knot dates back thousands of years, and as for the meaning it truly depends on who you ask, the symbol has meaning to both Christians and polytheist. For me and my wife it is most definitely a Christian symbol, and being Catholic the three points represent the Holy Trinity The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. For me, even more personally it represents a second chance at life, along with the tattoo on my wrist , and the Abbey Road Mural in the shop (before opening our store I was in a bad auto accident and was wearing an Abbey Road t-shirt) they all serve as constant reminders of why I am here today. The beautiful murals were a gift to us from our cousin Jeremiah Galvan who has been blessed with amazing artistic abilities.

The accident left me with a helicopter flight to Lubbock, many broken bones, many surgeries, 6 months in a wheel chair, and a dim prognosis on my ability to walk unassisted again. After about 8 months I was able to walk unassisted. To me this is simply an example of God’s love and power, and it helps remind me to do the next right thing. One would be amazed at the improvement in one’s overall life when they live by the motto of “do the next right thing.” I think this is a message Christians and Non-Christians may benefit from.trinitycouple

I was once very consumed with material things. The wreck put a spin on my outlook on material possessions very quickly. After the accident I lost my job, truck, and home. All of these things seemed so important to me, and they are truly worthless in the grand scheme. I was humbled very quickly. I was unable to do anything without assistance. Using the restroom was a 10 minute task, everything seemed impossible. I lost all of my material things, but thankfully no one was injured other than myself, and I have a very supportive family.

As I mentioned I could not do anything for myself. My wife, Judy was my legs and arms. Countless times of helping me to the restroom, changing wound dressings, bathing, eating, drinking, I even needed help taking my medications. There were also the long drives back and forth to Lubbock for surgeries and checkups. Not one time during my months of recovery did Judy complain at all.

I knew for sure then God had blessed me in two ways. Not only had he saved my life, but he brought me an angel. It would have been very easy for Judy to leave. She was basically working two full time jobs. Because, caring for me was definitely a full time job, and putting up with me for all those months would have been enough to make a Saint swear. Not for Judy her only concern was my wellbeing. With help from God she was able to nurse me back to health. I love her with all my heart. She truly is my angel.

For a while I felt sorry for myself, but I finally realized there are thousands of people just like me only they will never get up from the chair. As I set there I realized if it was not for God’s mercy I could have been permanently paralyzed or dead. I know God saved me from that horrible wreck. Finding the purpose for my life now is the difficult part. For now me and Judy are helping people stop using tobacco. What the future hold for us God only knows, but I know all will be well as long as we continue to do the next right thing. Thank you again for visiting, and we hope to see you at Trinity, and may the peace of the Lord be with you always!


The Trinity Family