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Mech Mod Monday: 15% OFF Mech. Mods & RDAs 100ml HOUSE JUICE **$20**

Twisted Tuesday: ALL tanks and RDAs 15% OFF 60 ml HOUSE JUICE **$15**

Wet your Wick
Wednesday: 15% OFF wire, cotton, build kits, vape cases, batteries, chargers, and coils 30 ml HOUSE JUICE 2 FOR **$20**

Thirsty Thursday: 100ml HOUSE JUICE **$20***

Freakin’ Friday: 15% OFF starter kits +free 15 ml HOUSE JUICE with purchase of complete set-up

Super Sweet Saturday: 15% box mods & tanks 100ml HOUSE JUICE **$20**

With the beats as smooth as the vapor, Trinity Vapor Lounge, located in Abilene, TX, is a vape shop and lounge offering a relaxed atmosphere.  We care about the needs of our customers and provide a safe and chill place after a stressful day to wind down in one of our comfortable lounge areas and enjoy vaping with a friend.

Why Choose to Vape?

Electronic cigarettes are the new cool, offering you a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Vaporizing is changing the way we smoke in Abilene.  Get the nicotine rush you need without ingesting the harsh chemicals of regular cigarette smoke.  Vaping gives you flavorful options, you’ll never have to smoke the same taste twice.

Even our lawmakers vape! Check out this lawmaker vaping on Capital Hill!

Choose the Best

Trinity Vapor Lounge electronic cigarette shop carries an array of e-cig starter kits as well as rebuilding kits for more experienced Abilene e-cig users.  Browse our wide selection of e-juice flavors and brands during your visit to our convenient Abilene, Texas, location.

Don’t see a flavor you want? Make your own!Come By Today!

Vaporizing is just the beginning of a healthier you.  Once you experience a clean buzz, you won’t want to look back.  Come feel the difference at Trinity Vapor Lounge today.  We look forward to meeting you.

Come Visit Trinity Vapor Lounge

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    Trinity Vapor Lounge
    Reviewed from Google

    4.7 out of 5 stars

    Aaron Wade
    Aaron Wade

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 2 weeks ago

    Excellent customer service and quality juice! Very good prices on juices as well.

    Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 3 months ago

    Fantastic customer service. The gentleman behind the counter was more than helpful. I'm from out of state so I had some questions on there juice choices. He suggested I try the house juice. Know we all know how bad house juice can be. Not so in this case. It's excellent. He reassured me it would not lose flavor and he was correct. He even thru in sample of his favorite flavor to sweeten the deal. An honest up front Vape shop? I believe so. Highly recommended.

    Mike Ray
    Mike Ray

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 3 months ago

    This is a great place to get juice. They have specials 3 times a week to get 100ml of juice for $21 (including tax). It's Monday, Thursday and Saturdays I believe. They also do 60ml bottles for $15 on Tuesday. Order from their "master mixes or complex mixes" or whatever it's called. These are the good juices (not that there's not a few other good ones, but some may dissapoint).

    I buy everything vape related online except juice. That includes mods, cotton, wire, etc. I tried buying juice online as well, but unless your paying $20 for 30ml it's all garbage (at least the 4 sites I've tried that were suppose to be "budget friendly but quality juice"). I'm so glad I found trinity though. $21 for 100ml of quality juice is a fantastic deal for a brick and mortar shop. My favorite flavors that I'd suggest are Blue Lust, Honey Sucker, Formula X and Blue Keys. They also have other flavors that are very good, these are just my favorites. My only complaint is that they don't have a flavor that is a Blueberry Milkman. They have one that is the more popular Strawberry Milkman, I believe they call it Kitty Milk.

    If you are just getting into vaping, and are older and have no clue about vaping, I'd recommend going to Stogies your first few times. Sorry trinity, I don't wanna hate on you. But I already vaped, and my first couple times going into the shop was confusing. It was busy, and I honestly set there for 20 minutes before I figured out there was a "line" near the register. No one came up to me and asked if I needed help. Granted, they were very busy. But this will never happen at stogies. Plus Stogies is way less intimidating for someone with no idea of what vaping is.

    Once you know what is what though, don't pay stories ridiculous juice prices which they thin out to basically water with how much PG they use in their juice. I've been back to stogies twice since finding trinity, and that was because I ran outta juice and trinity is closed sundays.

    Trinity staff is cool as heck. Just maybe get more organized when your busy, and watch out for the new vaper who may look lost!

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